Thursday, November 6, 2008


Louisiana missourri
cairo illinois
louisiana louisiana
wyoming minnesota

louisiana missourri
soothsayers knowing our outdoor sleeping
knowing our vagabonding and walkey talkeying
odd putting

and a night under a bridge next to a motel and a railroad
horn sounding

and now clarksville, abandoned from the riverview
but gardening and cooking and glassblowing
and walking and meeting many talkers, informationers

Alex from Winona is with us now, probably for a few towns next
till St. Louis probably.

And we have little if any cell phone service.
I bet we'll not be posting till we land in St. Charles for our stay in Saint Louis.
Wish us luck with the wind and cold, at our backs, our well covered backs.


Kyle Parry said...

I am wishing you much luck.

"Fly to the moon, ya loon."
- Cormorant

Laura said...

I miss you!!!