Friday, December 18, 2015

Thankyou to: Lila Rose Scott
Leo PErshall
Hans List
Tom List
Michael Weiner
Jay virok
Justin Derbes
John Salmen
Jim Harris
Jerry Bernstien
Chas Salmn
Julia Salmen
Peck Tierney
Peggy and Bill Stuart
Andre Knock
Ian orslund
Andy Bodenbender
Morgan Simmons
Kevin and Elise
Mike from Roetger
Sam Scher
James Scher
Tom Brocken in Sports
Grease Pit
Aldred Chipman and Starbuck Canvas Works
Rebecca PSkowski
Devlin Brown
Robin Von Breton
JEsse Lemon
Laura Scher and Tammy Ward
Hudson Bike Sop
Java JEn
Hudosn Police
Marzolfs- Besy, Julie, Kate, Wayde, Buzz, Mary, Emma, Abby, Emmet, Mitchell
George and Mary Joe
Bill tinton
Chris Kobs
Harry Chin Bruce
Carl Bellinger
Andy B. Stillwater courreir
Brandy pioneer press
john sanford
brynna scherloum
matthew tierney
shawn kely
thor heyerdahl
mark twain
huckelberry finn
sterling from menards
j and b recy ling
city of stillwater, hudson, troy
christ rust wine
ronny b
matt (despite some things)
L.A. River YEllowcats
Isaac from Routes
Andrew from Roots
Melissa in cosmotology school and her mom
Andy in diamond bluffs
Fisherman and son with smallmouth bass
Ken adn Audrew Long
KElvian Brian, Brandon
Dean from ACE
ACE Hardware Redwing stillwater
ron carlson
brian and his pop john
 jeff the cop
duane hook
bill hastings coop
laura social worker
red wing food shelf
cheryla nd her romeo
kay and sister adn suzanne and carol
e adn barb
bruce and hohn
locke adn dorothy
jim and joe at fishfloat
some beers from wabashaw
dave harris
health food guy
cherry trees
ken dan dennis duane mark dawn at Lock 5