Friday, October 31, 2008


it feels comfy to be here.

and we play at tourist game.

at home and huck and tom and becky. and jim.

and it's halloween is why the circles and the green, heh.

and it's halloween and we gotta go flee this candy store, out to the extravaganza on the street. over and out.


Empty your mind. said...

It was nice to have met you two and would have been nice to spend another day or two talking. STay safe and warm in your journey and then look me up again when your done.

May the winds always be at yer backs.

Anonymous said...

seriously, i'm coming to find you...
on the day after the election, i'll be so close.
so i need you to call me (alex) 507.450.3181
or leave a message at 1,800.454.1906 ext.7964

i'm getting a ride/drop-off from kayak josh's
brother (and hopefully a ride back up from both).

anyways, i'm coming...and i hope to hear from you.