Thursday, October 9, 2008


and my my, sorry for the lacking of updates here.
the truth of it is that we were on that farm out in coal valley illinois. the whole time. finishing the summer there was beautiful.
and coming back to the river now is an altogether wonderful thing.
quite a different story now. lovely.
the river is everything we'd dreamt it these days, the calm and the slow we were hoping for all summer seems to have come out for fall.
we've hardly seen a person since we left davenport, and so here it is, us and the river. and it's still quite beautiful as much as everyone everywhere always has said it gets all ugly down here, certainly, past the quad cities. but my my, sure fine, and the pelicans are flying south with us.
we're also riding a new system, the bikes got traded out for some wonderfully slouching chairs with bikechains and pedals underneath, far more comfortable and better tensioning on the belt to boot, much obliged to ian.
i don't know quite what else to say, so perhaps i'll leave it all at this.
from muscatine iowa, over and out, hblp, c.bernadette able.


Kyle Parry said...

"I'm just on the road again. Going to be on the road -- yeah. Free -- trying to be free. Of what other people do; of success. You know, trying to be free of minor things. I feel very much on the road. Even though I live in a city, and I have a roof."


onward and upward, friends.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are back in the channel and that your propulsion has gotten better.

Hope your outboard can still manage the current. We're rooting for you in MD......jpss

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies,
We are so glad you go chains instead of broken belts. The ladies from Stoddard, WI that helped are still following your adventure.

Christina said...


If you don't take and post pictures of Quakaville, I will swim up the river and find you and kill you.


Rebecca said...

Yay! You are back and sailing. I hope you don't get too cold out there. LP, it was great to be able to share photos with your mom and dad! HB, Karla loved the picture of you on my site. I love it too. Take care and keep the pictures coming.
Becky Cate