Thursday, August 28, 2008


as we take residency at a farm, we'll one or the other or both be at the davenport freight house farmer's market every saturday for the next few weeks. mad farmer's gardens. we'd love to say hi... till then, much love. hb+lp.


Laura said...

Damn I miss you women - SUPER proud of your adventure and thank you again for giving your cousins such a great experience through you. All our love, thinking of you every moment! I'll call sometime soon. Take care of yourselves. xoxoxoxo Laura

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! This is Andrew.. the guy from the Firestone Car Service center in Clinton Iowa, who brought the battery down to the raft with you.. Hope everything is going well.. good luck on the rest of the trip!

Kyle Parry said...

so you know, you guys are often in my thoughts.

i have watched the documentary of your project many times in my head.

peck, i hope werner herzog's new movie descends into your dreams.

it descended into mine and it will take as long to melt as an iceberg to travel to new york.

y'all make me proud!

Anonymous said...

it's late September

where are you?

is Iowa in rear view mirror yet?

- Tom Cody

carrot quinn said...

hey from winona,
just letting hannah know that www.callowb has expired. did you know? do you care?
news! i would like to hear some news!

Anonymous said...

that above message from Carrot is not Carrot''s mine. I'm Alex. hello! carrot used my computer to do her blogging and i guess never got out.
anyways, she's a great writer with some nice stories. she may even catch YOU up on boathouse happenings!
now, again, what's the news?

Laura said...

Where are you - need an update!!!

Laura said...

Ladies - loving you and missing you and I'm hoping you two are going to vote - we need you!!! Good thoughts your way. xoxo