Thursday, August 21, 2008

suddenly pictures:
so many adventures, sojourn with clara, she holds the camera, ha,

landing 615, little stop, girls gone wild:

and matt and matt who taught us how to use our radio:

and then waupeton and its kindly folk:

and their dogs who couldn't stay long:

and the tow from a kayaker:

the fog that almost ate us:

the paddlewheel that almost made it to the bottom of the river again:

the lock we eventually made it through:

and here's how we came into dubuque:

and the people were there, they were good:

and we parked by hawk's lillybelle:

and so it was and there we said goodbye to clara, tiny airport and hugs.
it was a beautiful thing to have her,
and lovely thanks for the photos, good eye:

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rebecca said...

Hey, I got my picture taken too. Thanks to Clara. I have been checking here daily to see where ARE YOU? My daughter caught a glimpse of you at Bellevue on her way home to Clinton on Friday. I looked for you on Sunday as I drove to Clinton as well. No sightings...Now you are in Davenport. Yay for you! I have prepared a short article to submit to a couple of magazines about your adventure. I am on an adventure too, it seems. You are in Quad Cities for a few weeks? Assuming you have friends there, have a good time. Rebecca Cate