Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It seems, caffeiene and sugar
up and down, feeling amped, feeling like going
moving fast, quickly and miles
moving slowly but making miles
stopping and reading the light and the fog and
no longer the swarms of dragonflies but
patches of white
pelicans lined up off in the distance
they move quickly, paddling even
and their song
like a phone alarm

and the air in the buildings now so queer and noisy
and the air in a car now so fast and raucous

the speed the open all ever expanding
the slowness and stopping and watching and dancing

sleeping with my glasses on every night to see the stars

and we got to dubuque
and clara left us
but with some sort of renewed vigor and love for the all the things
remembering again after four five days how magical it is


and a woman took our pictures as we pulled up
here is how we look now
in dubuque
outside the amazing rivermuseum (which we have made ourselves part of while we're here)

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Laura said...

Hey beautiful women - you guys look great. Keep on floating! We think of you everyday and the kids are still watching your progress on the map! xoxox - Laura