Thursday, July 24, 2008

We awoke in a thickness. Fog all around and the sand island we barely made it to the night before only visible. As it cleared slightly we set off, meandering through the mist, glad the barges still used the lights the used all night to see through it all. We came along an army corps of engineers survey boat, sounding the channel and took advice to make way for the tug coming behind us. Another lock, more eventful than usual, having a little trouble waiting for the gates to open we resorted finally to motoring a big circle and then through. Hannah feeling a little weary, in time for Lindsey's poison ivy to be just clearing up (but boy calomine lotion really does some damage). And we floated, calmly on through to the east channel, over a wing dam, jostling Bernadette's bottom, so thankful to have decided finally on using 2x6 as the underside of the pontoons. And then we floated, at half speed, weaving baskets, napping, watching the fish jumping and eating a little bit, too hot for too much. We arrived in la crosse in record time, 30 miles in 3 days, and here we are for a minute.
Miss Julia Belle Swain coming out of the lock just before us.


Anonymous said...


I am still reading and cheering for you and Hannah.... keep listening
& watching

Tom Cody

rz said...

i love you ms. lindsey p (and much appreciate you too, hannah, though the knowing is less). keep up the excellence! i loved you on the news, it made my day (i haven't checked in for a while)

Anonymous said...

Who is Bernadette?

Mara said...

Peck! I found you, well, Diane did. Thats amazing what you are doing, although I am not surprised. I still have the sculpy tree we made. :)
I am looking forward to hearing more.