Thursday, July 24, 2008

it seems that la crosse is a explsoion of postings

some thoughts, some images of Winona.

house boat hobos the band. we aspiring to such heights. (we do have a washboard)

some views of and around where we stayed. so beautiful. these people have really made some incredible things, "recycled" "unique" quite a few of the adjectivew we recieve, given only too easily to these calmly living homes.


Anonymous said...

Great to meet you two courageous rafters today in La Crosse. I was impressed with your vessel and your courage to take on "The Father of All Waters" and Upper Lk. St. Croix. Your enthusiasm is contageous and I trust you have inspired many others as you make your slow but steady decent of the Mississippi. May you have favorable winds, cool summer days and memorable encouters with river folks as you continue your pilgrimage to New Orleans.

Good Luck!

John S

Anonymous said...

these apparent "photos" you've posted are invisible. i hope your camera-machine and uploader-compooter are ok.