Thursday, August 7, 2008

Of Late.

This is a post about team A. Ian and Lindsey.

This is IanThis is Lindsey
This is Team A.
A Stands for Awesome. because we're awesome.
Team A is going to take over the world. Even though Ian left us in MacGregor with a million things to think about. Making the bicycles efficient, making it to the Quad Cities, making it on and on and on.
Keeping it SLOW.
And MacGregor left us on our way to Guttenberg. Now here in Guttenberg, passing the beautiful calmness of the driftless. The unglaciated portion of the river we will be passing through till Savannah. We have the weekdays now, the mornings of sunlight and days of overcast, delight to calm the heat that inevitably will come at 12 or 2 or 4 in the sunburnt sunshine of my stomach and thighs. We have the river to ourselves when we aren't visited by our friends the birds, the hawk we call Jon and the yellow throated virios, the female eagles we keep seeing, maybe the same one. The evenings get busy, visitors, inquiring minds, but soon as we get Clara here tonight, we'll be a few days, hopefully the weekend, in relatively low traffic getting her to Dubuque. Hoping to retreat, maybe take some back channels, maybe some slow kayak rides into the backwaters. And we're on our way.


Anonymous said...

We are the ones that encouraged you to put out your "Help us to New Orleans" sign and bucket. How is that going for you?

rebecca said...

It's is August 12 and you are in Dubuque. I hope you will visit my website and see if I portrayed you and your ventures properly. Sure enjoyed visiting with you!