Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Call for a Home in the Quad Cities

So we're approaching the quad cities now, where the plan is to stay a few weeks, repair some damages to ol' Bernie, help out on the "brother farm", take a small break. Our leads as for a safe place to dock Bernadette have fallen through. So Please Get Back to US if anyone knows of a dock with an open slip where Bernadette could stay for 2 or three weeks, preferably somehwere that is at least somewhat restricted, or where there's a good bit of monitering, becasue we're not going to be living on board nor probably there every day, and preferably at little or no cost. Please. We're making all of our wishes on this one.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsey and Hannah,

We are the family you met on the dock in the Quad Cities before Hannah went yachting up to Camanche to fetch your boat! What an inspiration you were to our 14 year old daughter! When you left she told me she wanted to go with you. I was so proud of you both for your courage in doing what you are doing. If you need ANYTHING while you are here, PLEASE don't hesitate to ask us. We would be more that happy to help you in any way we can. After all, I think you will be fairly close by to where we live. God bless you as you continue on your adventure. We will be checking your blog daily for updates.

Much Love~ The McAden Family

joeschmo said...

Hey - if you two are looking for more comfortable digs while your ship is serviced, I have a four bedroom house in Davenport and would host you. Private backyard, indoor plumbing, I'll even cook!
Leave a reply if interested and a means of contact. Godspeed on your river journey! It's something I've only dreamed of, seeing the Mighty Miss north to south. Look out for those water snakes, some are poisonous.