Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Press. oh the press.

Click here to see us on the news.

They tracked us down by night, and ran us down the next morning.
Yes. Lindsey's glasses are broken.


Laura said...

As I told you earlier today, I love the glasses. You two look great and I'm so jealous of all the star attention you're getting. I mean no one has ever watched me do my laundry before! Hey all you gamers out there, I still think this adventure would make a great video game...steer the ladies down the out for those pesky channel markers!

Keep having fun, and watch out for all the drunk 4th of July boaters!

xoxo - Laura

Kyle Parry said...

Your guys' resistance to the old grabby hands of the Press Camera was priceless and hilarious, yet at the same time I think you may just have planted some wild seeds in the hearts of lulling midwesters with the absolutely creative clearing it was so obvious permeates your travel these days (and always) and the consequent Hearts you give over. In other words there was greatness smiling through. And I am in one of those proud and humbled states. And Hannah B, thanks so much for the card.


Dillon said...

Looks like it came together nicely... I'm feeling oddly jealous of your voyage through so much nature. Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Hannah and Lindsey,
This is Bruce, one of the two that weathered the big storm with you at my brother's cabin, near Pepin, Wisconsin, on Thursday, July 10. Glad that you two are safe and your raft is still functional after such high winds and rain. Enjoyed the visit with you and admire you both for your adventurous spirits!! Best of luck to you the rest of the way down.

Anonymous said...

July 15, 2008
Ihope you two are making lots of progress down the Mississsippiand the floods are not giving you trouble anymore. This is Phyllis, the gal that gave you the bicycle at Boutwells Landing. I am anxiously awaiting your next blog.


larvalou said...

muchluvs, much much luvs.