Thursday, July 24, 2008

And some thoughts from a few days past: Joe and Jim of The great Alma Fish Float
This place is magical, luckily for us the day was too hot and we were the only visitors, sitting for the first time in a long time on a squishy seat and eating for the first time in a long time food we thought worth while to pay for, but even so more than we could have asked for. A sleeping bag to replace what blew away in the tornado of Deer Island lake pepin and delicious smoked fish and advice about so much fishing and boating.
The fish jump to clear their gills. Its like an eh hem. And then they splash back into the muck of the river.
The backwater just past lock 5 does not actually go through to the main channel, found unfornately after sticking on some shallow sand and cutting a foot open on some zebra mussles... that's the last time i'll jump in with no shoes on. And we got a tow out so thankfully.
And then we got found by some jet skiiers. Oh those jet skiiers, whose invitation back to the houseboat and some kind of crazy time was enticing until their 250 horsepowers got achey at going so slow to tow us reasonably and the prospect of arriving by ourselves at 2am or so was completely inconcieveable. We should have known, jet skiiers are too used to speed to be able to contend with the patience of C Bernadette Able. And that night we discovered the torture of heat and mosqitoes.

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