Wednesday, May 28, 2008

t minus

pictures first and poem second, blogger so decreed. sorry for the delayed updates, we've been going at superzoom speed with no time to spare. but here:

the nets on which we'll sleep

little plantlings, our ballasts, and junior pushcart rally II sitting pretty on the stern

the welded but paddleless paddlewheels to be

there's chas's boat on the left, and our vessel on the right. the tandem of the testdrive.

miracle plant.

beautiful babies

the official and freshly painted identification signs

and the charts from srs. james k. harris and gerald f. burstein

it's all going up with all the festoons, and even our motor junior pushcart rally II is happy. he vroomed away last night, took us on our maiden voyage, and lindsey's leg is still numb from the vibrations. now it's just a matter of counting down until monday. with a whole lot of love, c. bernadette able

1 comment:

jim said...

I toast the C. Bernadette Able with this white russian!

Bon Voyage, and happy sailing always. Safe comings and goings.

With love from one of your favorite fans.