Friday, May 9, 2008

And finally the pontoons were done. Stuffed with enough foam, about 4/5 full and set up with their barrel skin. Strong on the bottom for rocks and damage and tight on the top for the foam to stay in.

And then, after a million brilliant maneuvers with pulleys and trees, flipped the deck onto the pontoons. Success thanks greatly to Rebecca Pskowski.


Kyle Parry said...

Oh me, oh my, Peck. Looking at these photos, I can _feel_ the hard labor poised in the fastenings of the wood of your boat.

Many congratulations on your hard work so far. May the creative evolution continue and endure.

I have a bit of quote for you, oh nautical artist:

But, to the artist who creates a picture by drawing it from the depths of her soul, time is no longer an accessory; it is not an interval that may lengthened or shortened without the content being altered. The duration of her work is part and parcel of her work. To contract or to dilate it would be to modify both the psychical evolution that fills it and the invention which is its goal.

- Bergson!

Tom Jablonski said...

Hello Folks,

Looks like an interesting project.

Just a quick thought, and if you have already thought this then ignor this. I don't see any paint or varnish in the pontoon structures. How do you plan to keep the water from soaking your plywood and lumber frames?