Monday, March 17, 2008

Raft Walls.

From top to bottom: Fwd wall, Aft Wall, Port Wall Starboard Wall.
made from Sunbrella fabric scraps and vinyl window scraps. Fwd and aft walls have zip open ventilation window backed with insect proof screen. Aft wall has a zip open door. Port wall has zip open ventilation window. Starboard wall has a zip open window and grommets for plumbing, this will theoretically be the kitchen, a cistern hanging above the window will provide water in via a hose through the grommet and drainage out will leave via a hose through the bottom grommet.

(note. all windows in these photographs are backed for transportation protection with either clear plastic or white or brown paper)

photos taken by Katherine Copenhaver


AES said...

WOW !!! These are magnificent. Looks like a tent frame cover. I am so proud of you , what a beautiful work. AES

nan said...

very beautiful photos peck. i want to see a map so i can bring sami to meet you in the middle of nowhere us in a canoe bringing you lunch. (i missed typed "bringing you luck") both i would hope.